"Now let me dispel a few rumours so they don’t fester into facts. Yes, I too attended at ‘Hell-ton’ and survived. And no, at that time I was not the mental giant you see before you. I was the intellectual equivalent of a 98 pound weakling. I would go to the beach and people would kick copies of Byron in my face."

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City Map Illustrations | by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

Check out these delightful prints of city map illustrations by Anna Bond, co-founder of Rifle Paper Co. I’m a big fan of her work, and I’d gladly add everything on Rifle Paper Co.’s website to my wishlist! Purchase these prints here

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Doctor Who - Season 8 - Intro

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make me choose between:


  • two ships
  • two characters
  • two fandoms
  • two anything at all
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I ship it.

Damn. They are super cute together. Everybody fucking loves Tom!

It’s so fucking adorable!

I’ve obviously seen this before, but today I can’t seem to look away. The look on his face when he first feels Mark’s hands, and then he takes them and pulls them tight around him, and then folds his over the top. It’s just such a subtle gesture of affection, and his face throughout is just so cute and warm and loving, and then the full smile in the last one. Mark is adorable as well. They are both wonderful actors, but I don’t think they’re faking how much they care for each other.

My heart has melted. I’m not sure how I’m still alive…

I just love how these men show their fondness for each other in public.

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Madame Vastra & Jenny

The most canon ship in DW so far.

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Who am I to you, followers?


What’s more topical than Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch? Yes, it’s Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Unfortunately, otters find it rather difficult to donate to the MND Association in the UK or the ALS Association in the US, but I’ve heard they make particularly cute squeaky noises of gratitude when human beings make a donation instead…

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